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Energy Healing

Balancing the energy field

Energy healing helps bring the energy or auric field back into balance and is a gentle alternative to crystal healing. In an energy healing session, the healer acts a channel for healing light and energy for the client they are working with. This can either be carried out in person, or done as a distant healing session.

What happens during an energy healing session?

An energy healing session normally lasts up to an hour. At the start of the session, I will do a consultation and assessment of your energy field to determine where there are any energetic imbalances.  This usually lasts around 15 minutes. The first consultation will take longer and up to 30 minutes. You will be asked to remove your shoes and jewelry and can be sat in a chair or lie on a couch. You will be made to feel very comfortable. I may place my hands on your shoulders, or feet, or both, if you feel comfortable with this. I may also use sound vibrations, such as my voice or my Tibetan singing bowl, if I feel this is needed at the time. No crystals are used in an energy healing session. A distant healing session works along the same lines, the only difference being that you and I are not together in the same room. A mutually convenient time for the distant healing is agreed in advance and you will be asked to relax and be ready to receive the healing. Distant healings last for 30 minutes.

Who is energy healing suitable for?

Energy healing is suitable for everyone. It is particularly suitable for clients who are in a very fragile state and for those whom crystals may be energetically too much. Distant healing is suitable for those unable to travel or due to any other restrictions in place. 

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