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Treating the feet to relax and rebalance the whole body

Reflexology is a beautiful holistic treatment that helps to relax and rebalance the body, mind and spirit through the application of pressure to the feet. Applying pressure to the feet as a healing therapy is a very ancient practice dating back thousands of years. Foot massage and applying pressure to the feet was used by the Ancient Egyptian and Chinese Civilisations as well as the Native Americans to help address imbalances in the body.

How does reflexology work and who is it suitable for?

The feet and hands have reflex points and zones, which are mapped to various organs and parts of the body.  Working and applying pressure to these points can have a positive effect on the body, by activating the body’s self-healing ability. With around 7000 nerves in the feet, which are stimulated during a reflexology treatment, a session can help:

alleviate stress, tension and anxiety;

encourage relaxation and deeper breathing;

improve insomnia;

improve circulation;

improve neural efficiency;

rebalance hormonal function;

release trapped nervous energy.

Reflexology is suitable for all ages and is a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating treatment. It can be helpful for conditions including muscular aches and pains, skin conditions, digestive disorders, stress, insomnia, lethargy, anxiety and depression.

What can I expect from a reflexology session?

Each session is tailored to meet your own individual requirements and a reflexology session will usually last around an hour. An initial session includes a consultation which usually takes around 15 minutes and will allow the reflexologist to talk to you about your health requirements and devise a suitable treatment plan for you. Treatments are usually carried out on a couch or on a reclining chair and take up to an hour for a full-treatment that works on reflex points and zones that mirror the whole body. Reflexology can work as effectively on hands as feet for clients who are unable to have their feet worked on.


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