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Crystal Healing

Bringing body, mind and spirit back into balance

Crystals have been used by Ancient Civilizations and different cultures for their healing properties for thousands of years. With their perfect natural structure crystals have the ability to absorb, reflect, balance, clear and focus energy. Our physical bodies reflect that which is happening in our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and it is these areas of the energetic field that crystal healing seeks to address and balance. 

How does a crystal healing treatment work and who is crystal healing suitable for?

A crystal healing treatment uses the energetic and vibrational benefits of the crystals to help bring about a healing shift in the energetic field. Different crystals and techniques are applied depending on what is needed at that moment in time. This is determined by a consultation and energy assessment that is carried out at the beginning of each session. Crystal healing is suitable for most people and helps re-balance and re-align your energy systems to restore your physical, emotional and mental health.

What can I expect from a crystal healing session?

A session usually lasts for an hour and will begin with a consultation. Each treatment includes an initial consultation which usually lasts around 15 minutes. The first consultation will take longer and up to 30 minutes. You will be asked to remove your shoes and jewelry and will be made to feel as comfortable as possible. The crystal healing takes place on a couch or in a chair and crystals may be placed on or around the body depending on what is needed there and then. I will then channel healing energy and the crystals I have carefully selected will help to focus, amplify or soften the energy. It is normal to feel a tingling sensation when the energy is being channeled, a breeze or sometimes nothing at all and the effects may be felt a few days later.


What is distant crystal healing?

It is also possible to receive distant crystal healing for those who are unable to physically travel to receive a healing treatment. I will tune into your energy field, select appropriate crystals and techniques and send healing light and energy to you at a mutually convenient and agreed time. Distant healings last for 30 minutes.

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